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Dr. Shia Wolgelernter, M.D. Toronto Cosmetic Clinic
Dr. Shia Wolgelernter Toronto Cosmetic Clinic Dr. Shia Wolgelernter is an expert when it comes to beauty. The Toronto practitioner has a proven track record in cosmetic laser surgery and Sclerotherapy – procedures that remove unsightly varicose veins, spider leg veins, facial veins, and facial wrinkles. New laser treatments can now be used to remove facial veins, leg veins and help eliminate facial wrinkles.


Most popular cosmetic laser and non laser procedures


Toronto Wrinkle Removal

 As we all look for cures and potions to look younger and for wrinkle removal, medical advances have developed new laser technology for smoothing lines and wrinkles on the face. Now experience the latest alternative to traditional cosmetic treatments with a new procedure Laser Skin Rejuvenation. This process removes skin imperfections and dramatically reduces lines and wrinkles while using the most advanced technology available.

Toronto Leg Vein Removal

 Factors that lead to unsightly networks of blue, red, green and purple squiggles on your legs known as varicose or thinner spider veins can be removed. About 70% of all women will experience this in their lifetime and many will try to hide them with clothing.

Toronto Facial Veins

 Laser treatment for facial veins caused by excessive sun exposure only takes a few minutes to perform with elimination of the problem in just a few sessions. Facial veins that tend to occur on the nose or cheeks of fair-skinned people may be related to sun exposure. Another reason for facial veins is a condition called “rosacea.” This condition usually causes a “flushed” appearance on the face.

Toronto Laser Acne Treatment

Pulse dye laser treatment is ideal for treating the redness found with mild to moderate acne. This gentle process will require a series of treatments. Specializes in targeting and reducing the redness associated with inflammatory acne, seeing results in as little as 3 to 4 weeks and freeing yourself from messy creams and lotions.

Toronto Age Spot Removal

Freckles, “liver spots”, and various “age spots” are just a few of the commonly known marks, generally referred to as pigmented lesions.

Cosmetic & Laser Clinic Testimonials


The Toronto Sun!

Friday, August 4, 1989
The spidery network of tiny scarlet-hued veins stretched tightly just under the skin of the woman’s calf. Then within 30 seconds, four of the broken capillaries began to fade…

The Toronto Sun!

Monday, July 12, 1999
Ugly is skin deep when it comes to unwanted tattoos. Just ask Richard, 29, of Toronto. He got drunk in New York a few weeks ago, lurched into a tattoo studio…


The Toronto Star!

Thursday, December 21, 1989
Over a period of a few weeks, the vein starts to fade and eventually becomes barely visible. Kirsh had an appraisal done by Wolgelernter…my veins were very bad. I’ve had two sessions so far, about 15 min. each, and have noticed a remarkable improvement in my legs…

The Toronto Sun!

April 10, 1993
The pink stain spreads across Jeremy Okulski’s face looks like the reddish remains of a slap… there was nothing to be done for the hand-sized stain across Jeremy’s left cheek, there was hope here. Today, lasers neither harm the skin, nor are they painful.

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